Halloween 2012, Nexon Style

by on 2012-10-31 in Duck- 7 Comments

We prepare to pillage for candy!

No one got my costume’s reference. So sad.

Happy Halloween!

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  • LC - 2012-11-01

    a cow with a battle axe = ?

  • Chris Goldsmith - 2012-11-01

    Almost ran over three grim reapers last night – it was like being in a Terry Pratchett book.

  • dnexon - 2012-11-01

    More or less. My slapdash costume is a cow wielding a halberd. The reference is ultra-geeky.

  • CK - 2012-11-01

    For some reason, I didn’t make the connection until you said ‘halberd’. A Secret Cow Level cow!

  • LFC - 2012-11-01

    This note is probably unnecessary (esp. since I don’t have a Gravatar), but for the record, LC and LFC are two different people. Just in case anyone was idly wondering.

  • LC - 2012-11-01

    hello LFC :-)

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