Alastair Reynolds, Blue Remembered Earth

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I think Duck of Minerva readers will really enjoy this podcast. Lots on the near-future imaginary, technological change, and other topics of interest.

From the write up at New Books in Science Fiction and Fantasy:

Blue Remembered Earth (Gollantz, 2012) takes place roughly 150 years in the future. Climate change, as well as the political and economic rise of Africa, have transformed the planet. Humanity is colonizing the solar system. Geoffrey Akinya, grandson of a visionary businesswoman, cares most about his scientific work with elephants. His sister, Sunday, pursues the life of an artist in an anarchic commune on the moon. But their grandmother’s death sets in motion an interplanetary treasure hunt with the potential to change humanity’s future.

Alastair Reynolds‘ latest book has received much critical praise; there’s a sense among some science-fiction writers and fans that Blue Remembered Earth marks an important development in the genre itself. Whatever readers may think of it, Reynolds is a gregarious and fascinating interview subject, and I’m very pleased that he agreed to record this podcast.

The podcast is available at the New Books website.

A note on the Duck of Minerva Podcasts: I was supposed to record one on Tuesday, but, well, Sandy. My aim is to get at least one or two at ISA-NE this year; if I succeed, podcasts will return to the Duck this weekend.

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  • Chris Goldsmith

    There’s a new Iain M. Banks book out – The Hydrogen Sonata. Can you get him on?

  • dnexon

    The bad news: Banks declined the invitation to do a podcast.
    The good news: he agreed to a book symposium at the Duck instead. PTJ is coordinating.

  • Jeppe Mulich

    That sounds terrific. Very much looking forward to reading the symposium.