Tuesday Morning Link-up

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  • Welcome, Venezuela and Hugo Chávez, to a seat on the UN Human Rights Council.  The US also won a seat.  Worth noting, Hugo’s seat wasn’t contested but the seat the US won was contested.  Don’t worry, though, Council may just be there for “rhetorical inaction.”  Or, maybe it does more than that.
  • And, new members on the Russian domestic human rights council, too.  Seems like more of before.
  • In case you are still interested in US election prediction, check out the awesome work of Emory political scientist Drew Linzer.   Drew, is it too soon to predict 2016?
  • Nifty new email trick (wish I had known that as a sneaky 16 year old!) used by Petraeus & Broadwell…and terrorists.  Norm diffusion?
  • Exciting new forthcoming APSR work for all of you bargaining-model-of war-types available free(!) via First View on Cambridge Journals at APSR. Branislav Slantchev discusses how “The necessity of repaying the debt in peace leads to excessive demands, and causes bargaining breakdown” (2).…Wonder if same logic applies to debt servicing with roommates/spouses….

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  • Ralph Hitchens

    The draft e-mail trick is an oldie but goodie. Problem is, once the Feds (or anyone else) accesses your e-mail client, you’re toast. Obviously if you have a non-web client (e.g., Thunderbird) you have another layer of protection. But the overriding lesson is, never put anything into an e-mail, draft or to be sent, that you really can’t handle being disclosed.