Tuesday Morning Links

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Tuesday Morning Links

Let’s make like a blacksmith and forge some linkage:

Not timely or political:

PS: Late breaking changes to the image, prompted by comments below. I was going for a visual pun, but I think that jokes about MySpace are probably a bit outdated these days.

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  • Phil Arena

    Re: search committees — when the pool isn’t very competitive, search committee members don’t read many files closely and don’t spend much time arguing with each other. When the competition is greater, more files need to be read closely and committee members have to argue with each other more.

  • http://duckofminerva.org/ Dan Nexon

    So, uh, what’s with the pic?

  • http://duckofminerva.org/ Dan Nexon

    So, uh. no, I don’t get it.

  • PM
  • Charli Carpenter

    I’m with Dan. Most people won’t get it – they’ll just see a gratuitous and irrelevant picture of a pretty girl – and even now that I do see the connection to the duck, I don’t see the point. Can we stick with pictures of actual ducks and leave the objectification of young women as visual aids to foreign policy blogging to people like the Donalde?