International Studies Blogging Awards Update

by on 2012-12-11 in Duck- 4 Comments

With less than a month left to nominate awards and guarantee voting rights, here’s where we stand:

Nominees for Best Blog (Group):

Nominees for Best Blog (Individual):

Nominees for Most Promising New Blog:

Nominees for Best Blog Post:

These are great nominations, but it seems to me that our readers are making it too easy on the current nominees.

First, there’s a lot more quality out there than this; regional and area-studies blogs that fit our criteria remain underrepresented. Second, I’m puzzled that some blogs that fit multiple categories aren’t getting cross-nominations.

You may add nominations in the comments section or email them. If you want to guarantee yourself a right to vote, also let me know. Procedures here.

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  • danmbob

    I’d like to nominate Stephen Walt’s blog on and Daniel Drezner’s blog on

  • srikar sridhar

    I would like to nominate “Tread the Middle Path” –

  • Zachary Smith

    I’d nominate:

    Ottomans and Zionists, by Michael Koplow:

    Open Zion at the Daily Beast, edited by Peter Beinart:

    Mideast Matrix, by Brent Sasley:

  • Dan Nexon

    Zach: would you say a bit more about eligibility issues? Peter Beinart’s blog strikes me as a a bit iffy given the criteria laid out.