New Duck of Minerva Working Paper: “I CAN HAS IR THEORY?”

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There’s been significant interest in Steve Saideman’s criticisms of Mearsheimer’s and Walt’s working paper, “Leaving Theory Behind: Why Hypothesis Testing Has Become Bad for IR.” Indeed, there are many comments in a discussion that harkens back to older posts at the Duck. Given this, it strikes me as appropriate to add PTJ’s and my paper (PDF)–solicited for the same special issue as Mearsheimer’s and Walt’s–to the Duck of Minerva Working Papers series.

Our take is a bit different. If you’ve heard our podcast (m4a/mp3) on the subject, what we have to say will sound pretty familiar. For slides on the subject, see here and here.

Anyway, let us know what you think.



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  • Alex

    is there an mp3 version of the podcast or is the m4a all we’ve got? I can’t get the m4a to play on my phone.

  • Dan Nexon

    I aim to transcode all of the old podcasts from m4a to mp3. I’ll try to do that one by tomorrow.

  • Dan Nexon


  • Dan Tdaxp

    Why the use of scare quotes around “neopositivist” and “scientific”?