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  • http://howlatpluto.blogspot.com/ LFC

    Glanced through just now Adam Elkus’s “rack city on a hill”, linked here. (The ‘rack city’ thing is a rap reference — I can’t be bothered to read the lyrics right now.) What I want to note is a line at the end where he says “massive [U.S.] retrenchment is sure to have major disruptive effects on the intl system” or words to that effect. Note the wording is sure to have — as if this were some kind of natural, physical law. As in “drop a rock from a height, and it’s sure to gain acceleration as it falls” or whatever. (I’m not a scientist, obviously, so substitute something else if that doesn’t work.)

  • http://twitter.com/Aelkus Adam Elkus

    LFC, I’m paraphrasing Winekoff’s post to that effect. Take it up with him. Not that “disruptive” in this term is not entirely negative, but simply effect-based.