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Friday Nerd Blogging: Exceptional That Proves the Rule

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I stopped collecting Spider-man long ago when it got all clone-tastic.  I tend to hate TV/movies/comic books that use clones in their plots.  However, there is one exception

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Why I Participate At Political Science Rumors

by on 2014-04-10- 8 Comments

The first rule of the internet is not to read the comments for any op-ed one posts.  Why?  Because the cover of anonymity allows people to say awful stuff.  Of course, Twitter amply demonstrates that people will say awful things on the internet even when one can be clearly identified.  Anyhow, over the past several years, a series of websites have been gathering spots for both aspiring and experienced political scientists to exchange in rumors and opinions about the profession (to be clear, anyone can post so it might be economist students seeking to troll or other folks entirely).  Given yesterday's post about PSR, I thought I would explain my presence there.

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Data Street Cred

by on 2014-04-01- 2 Comments

I am not known for being a statistics whiz.  I have published quantitative work, but I am seen, rightly so, as more comfortable with qualitative work, comparing apples and oranges.  Still, I had the gumption to offer advice on twitter about data today.  What and why?

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Patricia Weitsman Scholarship

by on 2014-04-01- 2 Comments

Patty didn't want flowers, so instead endow a scholarship at Ohio University.  This is from an email her husband sent out to her supporters:
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Dear Friends of Patty

by on 2014-03-31- 1 Comment

Dear friends of Patty,

The news is awful.  The second battle with leukemia is over, but this time, Patty lost.  The last effort to treat the disease failed, as she died last night.  I thought her friends in the IR business should know.

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Imposters at the ISA?

by on 2014-03-29- 2 Comments

Long ago, Dan Drezner posted about the imposter syndrome.  The basic idea is that many folks feel as if they will be found out, that there are other folks out there that are smarter, more informed and that one is just getting away with being less than that until eventually getting found out.

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Friday Nerd Blogging: Delayed Yet Anticipating Edition

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This fan-made combo of the old Benson show with Mad Men was mentioned by Jon Hamm at the Paleyfest panel.

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Are We Russophobes?

by on 2014-03-20- 6 Comments

Lots of words have been spilled on this Crimea thing, and so it is reasonable to ask whether our opposition to Crimean self-determination might be more about our feelings about Russia than about secession/irredentism.

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Pop Quiz, Hotshot, Elections edition

by on 2014-03-17- 2 Comments

I have a question for all those folks who study elections: any democracy hold an election within a week or two of being announced?


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Friday Nerd Blogging: Textual Analysis Edition

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Everything is awesome!  But I do wonder if the song from the Lego movie (see below) is not just a secret appeal to irredentism:

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Electoral Politics of Boundary Changing: Crimea is Complex!

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Keith Darden points out that if Crimea secedes from Ukraine, electoral outcomes in Ukraine would shift with fewer pro-Russia voters in the political system, and that would be bad for Russia. This is not unique to this case.

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Analogies Aplenty: Ukraine is ….

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Lots of folks are speculating about what Ukraine/Crimea/Russia is like, including not Abkhazia.  Right now, the analogies that come to mind for me are: coups d'etat and poker.

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Reacting to Ukraine/Crimea

by on 2014-03-01- 2 Comments

Yesterday, I suggested that there is little the US/NATO could do about the Russian intervention in Ukraine.  That still is very much true.  Obama's statement referred to costs--that this would cost Russia and it will (trade, the G8 summit, etc).   But that is not a redline or a serious effort at deterrence--just a statement of reality.  Russia's relations with the US, EU, NATO and others will be "taxed" by this event--Russia will get less in the near future because of what it does here.

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Friday Nerd Blogging: Walter White’s Next Big Adventure

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The only thing scarier than Godzilla?  A scared Walter White (Bryan Cranston).  This preview is most exciting trailer in a while

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Tuesday Morning Links

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Will this morning's links betray my grumpiness?  I hope not but today's meme that the US and the West are in danger of losing Ukraine drives me a bit crazy.  It wasn't in my pocket... was it in yours?

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Friday Nerd Blogging: Super-belated version

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Why are we late with Friday Nerd Blogging?  Because we were too busy celebrating all that is awesome:
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The Great Poli Sci Portfolio

by on 2014-02-16- 3 Comments

In the dustup produced by Nick Kristof, one of the basic misperceptions keeps being repeated--that the American Political Science Review is not influential or readable enough.  The job of the APSR is not to be read by policy-makers but by political scientists.  Really?  Yes.  Let me explain.

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NYT and Poli Sci Public Engagement

by on 2014-02-15- 1 Comment

The ISA mess is the gift that keeps on giving.  Now Nicholas Kristof has written a piece in his NYT column that "addresses" the controversy.  The problem is that the column is out of date.  Not just in focusing on the ISA proposal that has been beaten back by the forces of reason (that would be me and other bloggers?), but that other canards get lumped in.  While some noted bloggers have been denied tenure, it is highly unlikely that their blogging did them in.  Indeed, there is more pressure by lots of folks (presidents, provosts, deans, grant agencies) to do more outreach.

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Friday Nerd Blogging: Winter Olympic Edition

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I was trying to find a good Star Wars-Valentine's Day mash up and failed.  And then I thought, what would Brian Boitano do?

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Tuesday Noon-ish Linkage

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As it is my turn again for Tuesday links, heaps of NATO and security stuff dwell below.

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