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Hard to Say I’m Sorry

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The reports about the bilateral agreement between the US and Afghanistan that would allow American troops (and other western countries essentially) have suggested that President Hamid Karzai would support the agreement if President Obama apologized or admitted mistakes in the conduct of the war.

This, of course, has produced a reaction or two, given that President Karzai might have a lot of gall to be asking of this given that more than three thousand outsiders (Americans, Danes, Canadians, etc) gave their lives to help the Afghan government.  On the other hand, Obama just apologized for Obamacare's rollout which has yet to produce any real collateral damage, unlike the American and ISAF efforts in Afghanistan.

So, should Obama admit the US made mistakes in Afghanistan?  Well, did the US make mistakes in Afghanistan?  Here are some that might come up?

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Friday Nerd Blogging: Presidential Edition

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Twitter went nuts when President Obama said he could not get the Republicans to do what is right because of his finite powers, that he could not do some sort of Jedi mind-meld!

He mixed his space franchises--Jedis may have Vulcan-like abilities, but the mind meld thing is of Star Trek.  So, this sent twitter on a wonderful spiral for awhile.

Some of the highlights:

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The Difference Parties Don’t Make?

by on 2012-10-21- 5 Comments

To the best of my knowledge, no prominent peer-reviewed article in political science has reported a difference in the frequency with which the United States
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Slow boring…

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Shorter LGM response(s) to Connor Freidersdorf: "Weber."Of course, that doesn't resolve the debate. It merely puts it on the correct footing. 
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Slow-Motion Srebrenica

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The NY Times’ recent article on Obama’s “kill list” of American citizens and others suspected--not convicted--of terrorism includes much disturbing information on what our government
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How the Sausage is Made

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Two years ago, Der Spiegel published an audio recording of secret negotiations involving many of the world's most important leaders meeting together on Friday, December
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Primary Politics and Foreign Policy: Super Tuesday Edition

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This is cross-posted from the University of Texas website.As the March 6 Super Tuesday Republican primary looms, foreign policy issues understandably are likely to play
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Comprehending Gingrich

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Born Newton Leroy McPherson, the man now simply known as "Newt Gingrich" has been surging in the latest opinion polls asking Republican voters to identify
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A puzzle in promotion: Petraeus at the CIA

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This is a guest blog by Jarrod Hayes, who is is an assistant professor of International Relations at the Georgia Institute of Technology. His research
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Does the Arab Spring show how strategic narratives work?

by on 2011-04-22- 8 Comments

Nobody has come close to explaining how strategic narratives work in international relations, despite the term being banded about. Monroe Price wrote a great article in the
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Morality, R2P, the nature of conflict and the emerging “Obama Doctrine”

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There’s been some really interesting posts here on R2P in the last few days. At the risk of kicking a dead horse – although I
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“Manning Up” and Making (the Libyan) War

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Women are supposed to be those innocent of war, protected by chivalric warriors. The Trojan War was made over Helen. G. W. Bush justified the
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Top Secret America: The Garrison State has arrived

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A couple of thoughts on Dana Priest and William Arkin's series that began in the Washington Post yesterday. First, this is the type of story
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After the Surge

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Washington and its "partner" in Kabul are simultaneously pursuing different strategies to try to bring the war in Afghanistan to a conclusion. While the US
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Further Thoughts on Obama’s Oslo Speech

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My previous remarks about the relative lack of attention to climate change in Obama's speech were written after having read the text of Obama's speech.
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Obama’s Oslo Speech and Climate Change

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Dan Drezner encourages us to analyze what he said for references to policy prescriptions from IR theories. Steve Walt tells us let's focus not on
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Obama’s Afghan Plan

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Foreign Policy covers "the world's reaction" to Obama's West Point speech last night on his troop increase in Afghanistan, but their sole representation of the
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Peace Prize

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According to the Nobel website, the Peace Prize is supposed to be awarded annually to "the person who shall have done the most or the
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“Oslo Beats Copenhagen”: President Obama Awarded Peace Prize

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President Obama couldn't convince the Inernational Olympic Committee to let Chicago hold the next summer Olympics, but Nobel Committee decided he's a skilled enough diplomat
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Obama Addresses Islamic World in Cairo, Egypt

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Wordle version of President Barack Obama's Cairo speech, June 4, 2009.
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