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The Difference Parties Don’t Make?

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To the best of my knowledge, no prominent peer-reviewed article in political science has reported a difference in the frequency with which the United States
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Social Science and Bush Policy Towards Iraq

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 I have already posted at the Duck and also at my blog on the spat between Tom Ricks and Peter Feaver.  Today, Feaver responded to
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A Truth Commission for Iraq

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Back in 2003, the name Ricardo Sanchez appeared in several posts on my personal blog. At the time, the now-retired General was "the top U.S.
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The “drug war” is over?

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Over the years, the so-called global "war on terror" (or "war on terrorism") has had its ups and downs as a foreign policy framing device.
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During any Presidential Administration, there are heated debates, accusations of horrible mismanagement, and political intrigue, but they are actively papered over and downplayed by a
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Have pitchfork — will storm castle

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I've been buried under a lot of work, but I want to surface long enough to say:"GwaaxppptghGHHHHHHawArrrrrrrgghhhhhhhhhpxt!!!"At least we're drawing the line at the UAW.
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You’re no Harry Truman!

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Charles Krauthammer is wrong, and I think Matt misses the point as to just how wrong Krauthammer is.Shorter Krauthammer: Bush is like Truman. Unpopular at
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Georgia: retaliatory violence confirmed, US sends military forces as part of relief effort (and as a signal of US commitment) – updated

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I ended my last post with the words:While I think it is far too soon for those of us reading media accounts to pass judgment,
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Georgia: Thoughts on what it might mean

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With the Confrontation in the Caucasus seemingly over, I wanted to try to think through some of the implications for US foreign policy. Although it
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A major lapse in judgment?

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We all know that Saakashvili made a major miscalculation when he ordered the assault on South Ossetia. Perhaps someday the public will find out what
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The Eight Year Itch

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Eight years later, and we're back to the same spot with North Korea.Lets review:After a nuclear crisis that nearly results in war, the Clinton Administration
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Fish out of water?

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The figure at right is borrowed from a U.S. government website of Dennis A Wolf, a statistician with Oak Ridge National Lab. This particular image
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John Stewart provides a constructivist analysis of Bush Administration policies

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"With this administration, if a passenger blows up a plane, it's a failure in the war on terror. But if the plane just blows up
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Strike in the Dark

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For the past 5 months, I've been following the strange story of Israel's bombing of a mysterious site in Syria. In this month's New Yorker,
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Oh Dana…

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From today's Post: White House spokeswoman Dana Perino revealed on NPR this weekend thatDuring a White House briefing, a reporter referred to the Cuban Missile
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Elections, Democracy, and USFP

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Last week there were two major elections, in Venezuela and Russia, and looking back on them together offers a moment to discuss democracy and US
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MEPP take 2

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A US President, needing a signature policy victory, faced with a hostile Congress controlled by the opposing party, nearing the end of his term, seeks
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Extended rant on Bush, Pakistan, and total hypocrisy

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(Kaplan and Arkin make pretty much the same point, but I'm rather exercised about this whole deal, and hence the following)I'm not really angry with
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Bush: still alone on climate change

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Secretary of State Condi Rice and President George Bush made news this week by calling for global action to prevent global warming. However, neither one
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The Plot Thickens…

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The controversy over the Israeli raid into Syria rages on. The Sunday Times has peeled back another layer of the onion, one that only deepens
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