Notes on Hegemony and Symbolic Capital

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This is of interest only to international-relations theorists and fellow travelers.

A long-standing claims about hegemonic orders is that they are normative ones: that a dominant power uses a wide variety of power resources to create a set of international rules and regimes conducive to its ideological and material interests. After World War II the United States worked actively to promote norms and institutions consistent with a broadly "liberal internationalist" environment, albeit ones refracted through the prism of Cold War competition. After the Cold War the United States enlarged the order, however unevenly, and during the Bush Administration it sought, but generally failed, to recast that order along neoconservative lines.

The two most importnat "mainstream" pieces to focus on the normative dimensions of hegemonic orders are probably John Ruggie's "International Regimes, Transactions, and Change: Embedded Liberalism in the Postwar Economic Order" and G. John Ikenberry's and Charles Kupchan's "Socialization and Hegemonic Power."

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EU Russia-Georgia Report Redux

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I have a commentary at the Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty website today on the EU's Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on the Conflict in Georgia. It
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Whodunnit: The Five-Day War

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The EU released its report on the August war between Georgia and Russia on Wednesday, and for the last two days the press has reported
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The Georgia “Mutiny”

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A quick note on events in Georgia: be very suspicious whenever the government accuses any opposition group or movement of being linked to Russia. Tbilisi
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Erosi Kitsmarishvili points the finger at Tbilisi

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The New York Times reports:A parliamentary hearing on the origins of the war between Georgia and Russia in August ended in a furor on Tuesday
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Before they disappear into the ether

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I've been fairly prolific lately. This state of affairs stems, in part, from what I've been working on for the last couple days: copy editing
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Georgia, Framing, and the Aftermath of the Conflict

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A friend emails me to say:I just watched video of Saakashvili's press conference with Sarkozy. Still claiming outright that the Russians started it and that
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The market punished Russia

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Dan previously reported that the European Union decided not to impose economic sanctions on Russia -- at least for now. However, The New York Times
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Russia mounts a counteroffiensive in the propaganda war

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Via email:You've seen the Georgian claims that they were just responding to a Russian attack when they invaded Tskhinvali.The Russians are now citing amateur video
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The strong do what they will…

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Russian Foreign Ministry pleased that the European Union eschewed sanctions.
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United Ossetia?

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Rob Farley points to a Times article reporting that Russia will soon annex South Ossetia. The source for the report? The South Ossetian president. So,
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The US to the left, China to the right….

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Russia encircled by enemies plotting against it?CNN's summary of its interview with Putin, passed along without comment:Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has accused the United
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Totten and Georgia

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A lot of people are buzzing about Michael Totten's report on Georgia, in which he claims to have discovered the real truth about the outbreak
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Russia recognizes Abkhazian and South Ossetian independence

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That was quick. So much for the resolution simply serving as "leverage" for Putin and Medvedev in negotiations with the US and NATO.As predicted, Moscow's
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Putin’s revenge

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Because one good Kosovo deserves another (or two)?Russia's parliament has backed a motion urging the president to recognise the independence of Georgia's breakaway regions of
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Maybe we’ve got it all wrong… (updated)

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No matter what their take on culpability for the Russo-Georgian War, almost all commentators in the west agree that Russia emerged the undisputed victor: Georgia
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Georgia: The Reuters “Bullet Points” and some of my own (updated)

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I knew that CNN did this, but so, apparently does Reuters. Who needs blog updates?* Reuters reporter sees Russian tanks leave Georgian city* Russia says
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When Worlds Collide

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With all of the excellent almost-real-time analysis going on around here lately, I haven't felt the need to chime in myself; my Duck colleagues are
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A Conflict of position and maneuver (updated … and updated again … with photoshop-esque graphic)

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Russia, NATO, Georgia, the Abkhaians... everyone, sensing the final draw-down of the immediate crisis, is trying to, variously, make sense of what it all means,
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Recent analytic content on the Duck: a guide

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I thought that it would be a good idea to provide a consolidated list of:1. Older Duck posts on the conflict with significant "original" analytic
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