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Wednesday Linkage

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Editor's note: this post originally appeared on my personal blog. It contains some links to posts that appeared here at the Duck.
1. An interview with
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2014 Grawemeyer Award Winner

by on 2013-12-03- 1 Comment

Congratulations to Jacques E.C. Hymans for winning the 2014 Grawemeyer Award for Ideas Improving World Order. The award is administered by the University of Louisville's Department of Political Science. Disclosure: I'm currently the Department chair and for 17 years I directed the award (1994-2011). There's more on the local angle at the end of this post.

Hymans won the $100,000 prize for his 2012 book Achieving Nuclear Ambitions; Scientists, Politicians, and Proliferation. Here's a brief description from the Cambridge University Press webpage:
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Explaining Butter for Bombs Agreements

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In 1963, JFK predicted that there would be as many 25 nuclear powers by the 1970s.  Yet here we are, some 70 years later, and the number of states believed to possess nuclear weapons has grown from 4 to 9.  Why haven't more states joined the club?

A variety of factors are undoubtedly at work (see this piece by Gartzke and Joon for a good attempt at bring systematic evidence to bear on this question). In this post, I am going to discuss one in particular: what William Spaniel refers to as "butter-for-bombs" agreements, wherein one state makes concessions to another in attempt to dissuade them from proliferating.

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Why worry about an Iranian bomb?

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With sanctions and talks – and a big stick in the background – the United States and its allies are trying to curtail Tehran’s nuclear
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Kahl et al. on Iran and US Options

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Colin Kahl sent me a list of recent work he's done on the US-Iran standoff. The first is a CNAS report, Risk and Rivalry: Iran,
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Seoul 2012 Nuclear Security Summit

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<img alt="" galleryimg="no" onload="var downlevelDiv = document.getElementById('39a9b327-049d-42ff-89a6-8805837907d6'); downlevelDiv.innerHTML = "";" src="" />K-schmaltz! : where’s Dr. Strangelove when you need him to bomb Arirang back to
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Reading Schelling in Iran

by on 2012-03-05- 3 Comments

The CFR public-relations office certainly thinks they've got a winner in the "attack Iran debate." Here's a video of the recent "live" debate between Colin
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Iran Attack: National Journal #Fail

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UPDATE: Deazen has made significant corrections to the article. It still implies, I think, more than is warranted, but the egregious misrepresentations in his article
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Scholarship and Advocacy: Bomb Iran Edition (UPDATED)

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My colleague, Matt Kroenig, has generated a ton of buzz (and not a little vitriol) for his Foreign Affairs piece in which he advocates imminent US
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Is Herman Cain Angling to Defeat LBJ?

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At about 13.10 GOP poll-leader Herman Cain reveals the shocking news that the People's Republic of China is seeking nuclear-weapons capability. Watch Monday, October 31,
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Explosive Pakistan

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Is "people power" contagious? It's easy to find examples of journalists, policymakers and/or analysts, and some scholars arguing that opposition to authoritarian rule is spreading
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DPRK’s attention-deficit disorder (updated)

by on 2010-11-23- 1 Comment

Pyongyang's "pay attention to me! right! now!" routines seem calculated to convince the United States, South Korea, and Japan of one thing: that military force
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The Osirak Myth (again)

by on 2010-10-06- 2 Comments

I failed to comment on Jeffrey Goldberg's September 2010 Atlantic Monthly piece about US or Israeli responses to Iran's apparent nuclear weapons program. Goldberg has
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Another Iran data point

by on 2010-08-05- 2 Comments

Former CIA Director Michael Hayden (who served George W. Bush) said something fairly provocative on CNN in late July -- but Fox News trumpeted the
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Hypocrisy watch

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Before departing on vacation, Stephen Walt posted about a rift between South Korea and the United States concerning spent nuclear fuel reprocessing. The U.S. is
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Some NPT Reading… if you’re out of summer novels.

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International Affairs – the (increasingly policy oriented) official journal of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (aka Chatham House) has published a “virtual” issue of
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Nuclear Myanmar

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A recent credible report by the Democratic Voice of Burma that North Korea may have assisted Myanmar's junta to acquire nuclear weapons technology has raised
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Relieved? Why HEU should still worry.

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Even if the new sanctions against Iran prove effective at stopping an Iranian bomb, security analysts will not be able to breathe a sigh of
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Iran’s setbacks: Buying time?

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According to Gary Samore, Iran's nuclear enrichment program has had some important recent setbacks. The AP, last week:Setbacks in Iran's uranium enrichment program have significantly
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Nuclear Arms Control

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Yesterday, in Prague, President Obama signed a new START deal with Russian President Medvedev. In strategic and military terms, the treaty does not make much
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